Rendere la Formazione disponibile a chiunque

Loris è un formatore in svariati campi. Da sempre focalizzato su come rendere facile per le persone apprendere le cose utili ad aumentare le proprie capacità, ha realizzato ai suoi soci svariati sistemi di successo per l’apprendimento nei campi più disparati.

Ha al suo attivo la creazione di sistemi di formazione nel ramo finanziario, imprenditoria, creazione di startup per arrivare alla medicina nutrizionale e la motivazione.

Dopo molti anni come formatore, si è dedicato a codificare dei metodi di insegnamento e sistemi per la creazione dei contenuti per trasmettere competenze ai tipi di pubblico più vari.

Lo sforzo in questa direzione è culminato nel deposito di  brevetto per un metodo rivoluzionario che consente di creare in modo rapido e sistematico un corso di formazione. Tale metodo (marchio registrato eDooCo®)

Descrizione del Sistema eDooCo®

What it is

eDooCo is a complete set of rules, guides and techniques to create an efficient educational system. An educational system consist in everything needed to teach a subject on the internet to your targeted audience, starting form subject analysis, our educational experts can design the complete pathway to teach.

How it Works

To create a course that can really make a difference there are lots of aspects to be considered and eDooCo has been created to assist all the way through. With our help you will go through several steps to complete the project and deliver your online course: 1) Target analisys: by understanding the public you are addressing to you can assess which is the optimal level of the course to be produced, its length and the effort required to complete it. 2) Subject analisys: in order to optimize the process, we collect all the main data and information regarding the subject we are going to teach and we identify the final skills the public has to gain by following the program. 3) Training for the trainer: to optimize the results, we educate the lecturers to follow precise rules to fit their way to teach to this kind of media. Video courses need some different characteristics compared to other teaching methods. Simply transferring the usual class teaching method online would be very unpleasant and, most of all, not useful for the viewers. If you really want to create a stand out course and deliver it, it is your duty to modify the way you teach for a videocourse but you will not be alone, it is our duty to educate you using this different approach. 4) Course design: the pathway to bring the subscribers to the final goal has to respect some common and online educational principles. There are barriers for learning that, if not properly handled, could stop the learning process up to the point to make the subscriber abandon the course, witch is something that we want to avoid. 5) Video and content creation: we are able to shoot the videos, providing all needed tools and skills. In our studios we have professional tools like cameras, microphones, lights, etc. Also for written materials we will create the necessary ebooks, pdf, online softwares for testing and training. 6) Final editing: after shooting, the longest phase, in terms of time, is editing. Our professional team can provide all needed skills and instruments. 7) E-learning platform: all the developed contents will be placed into the platform providing the subscribers a smooth path to learn all the materials prepared, passing through the contents and the online tests until eventually completing the course by verifying to have acquired the desired skills. 8) Extended services: we can further help you on with your elearning activities after the set up of the course. This could include webinar trainings, extension of the courses, organization for live courses, etc.

Case History

The eDooCo educational system has already been used in various fields always delivering the highest course possible. In this page you can see some of the projects implementing eDooCo concepts for their educational content.

How does this can be applied to you?

Usually an expert in any field knows a huge amount of concepts, very often not perfectly organized in his/her head but a knowledge that has been build up through years of experience. The challenge is to find a way to remove all the unnecessary details, isolate the key concept and put them in a proper and logical order to be easily understood by the student. Very often in teaching people tend to confuse the their purpose. Teaching is not about giving as much information as you can you your audience because they will forget most of it and the only thing you obtain is to overload them with information they will never put into practice. For us, teaching is about creating a learning path tailored for your targeted audience that can be easily followed and understood so the student can apply what they learn. We have really worked hard to refine this, but we got to a point where we can take basically any subject and bring any student to master it. Our search is not over, we will continue to improve our education system as we go along and review all the project we have made and helped create, but we got to a point where we can say we are happy with the results we can achieve now.

What it is NOT

eDooCo is not a simple elearning platform. We don’t only give a software or web based platform to design your online courses. eDooCo is a complete way to teach to the desired public the abilities you want transmit.

Brevetto di sistema creazione corsi