Born dec 15th 1967

Firse researches

when 5 start using his first microspcope


Discovers Computers

Starts reading a book for Microsoft Basic programming adn fall in love with it. Don't own a pc (they where rare and expensive at that time). To practice what he studied he make an agreement with his friend owning a Commodore Vic-20, exchanging hours of computer use against lesson on how to use it. After a while he buy a Commodore 64 and write a video game in machine language similar to a famous arcade of 80's in which two wall move on the screen trying to entrap each other.


Discover Electronic

After reading in a magazine how a transistor works and build a printed circuit board capable to connect Commodore 64 to motor commands. With a simple software in machine language, let the Commodore 64 move a little robot built with LEGO and electric motors.


Electrotechnic Highschool

Highschool degree on I.T.I.S. A. Rossi in Vicenza


Degree Electronic Engineering

When 25 get a degree on Padova University with final thesis about home using engine drives.


Army Service on Computer Department

Two years after engineering degree start for mandatory army service. He worked on Military Hospitalin Padova developing app for hospital management with Visual Basic and Microsoft Access.


Director at Zoppelletto S.p.A.

Works as executive director on father's factory producing hydraulic fittings. The company employ 63 persons and uses mechanical presses for cold moulding.


Create Equasoft Automation

After exit from family company, start with friends automation division of an already existing software house, Equasoft s.r.l. In this company he design, produces and sells a device he invented to check production on industrial plants of any type. First years ends with 1 billion lira turnover (about 500.000€ in year 2000) done with the promotional line he created.


Discovers Trading Online

After personal studies regarding finance and economy, start practice trading online with good success. At the beginning uses Covered Warrant on SPMIB Index (italian sotck exchange index) then movin to future and forex, looking for independent charts to trade on.


Progetti & Investimenti S.r.l.

Found with another person a real estate company: Project & Investment s.r.l. to perform little real estate business on buy - renovation - sell scheme.


Publish firt book on Forex Trading

Publish Forex Trader - survival handbook for currency market


Show "Broken Finance"

Together with the friend Eugenio Benetazzo, a well knowned italian economist, create a "Finance Cabaret" show to expose the mosto common financial frauds. The proceeds was donate for helping family damaged by recent floow near his town. In that occasion, Lors created a song to introduces the show and published a DVD recording the entire event.


Found Profession Forex

With the friend Davide Colonnello, start a new online business creating the first online school using e-learning for trading.


Classe Quattro S.r.l.

Found Classe Quattro srl (classe four), educational company on financial field with Davide colonnello, Ivan Mocchio and Lorenzo Giacomini. They create the course "Money Genius", the first course teaching the 4 investment class to reach financial freedom. The 4 class are: trading, commodityes, business and real estate.


Publish the book: Forex Freedom

Publish the second book on trading containing a well explained long term strategy to reach financial freedom.


Profession Option

The company Classe Quattro extent the expertise achieved in Profession Forex creating Profession Options. Same business model but teaching how to trade with options.


Board Game StartUP!

Create the algorithm for a borad game Startup - first bopard game teaching to become an entrepreneur. Publish it receiving acknwledgment by Confindustria, Il Sole 24 Ore and LIUC University.


Publish the book "Forex News Trader" con Trading Library

Write a book together with Lucas Bruni, a traderr working on and publish it with the number one editor for trading in Italy, showing the book on trading events.


Meetab S.r.l.

After discovering Metabolomics science, found with other friends Meetab s.r.l., a company producing innovative supplements.


Publish the book GeniUP - Open your company in 5 moves

Write a book on the modern way to be an entrepreneur whit his company mates in Classe Quattro s.r.l. and publish it as an extention of the board game Startup which is encountering success and aknowledgment by the public as an educational tool for entrepreneurship.


Nutritional Medicine Course

Working with European Institute of Nutritional Medicine, thanks to his expertise in online education, the firs onine course for Nutirtional Medicine.


Patent eDooCo®

After using a special process to produce his courses, he ask for patent it.



Whit his company mates creates "Geniup Project", started on 2013 with the same name book.