"I created the game StartUP with the aim to make everyone experience opening his own business."
Loris Zoppelletto

Since the tests with the trial version, we realized that the aim had gone beyond the simple teaching of some basic principles of business.
People who play StartUP! find themselves experiencing a situation of life and, although restricted and protected environment of the game, they lives exactly the same thingsin real life. This leads players to live in the microcosm of StartUp! the same things they experience in life.
Very often a player who has fun with StartUp, at some point comes out with a realization like: "But then I could ...". We know that at that moment they realize the true purpose of the game. Viewpoint changes, with the consequences of give a steer to their personal trajectories.

StartUp used by schools thanks to "Confindustria"

Moreno Michelazzo - Confindustria Vicenza
It's seven years I'm in Confindustria working on training. When I met StartUp, immediately proposed to the schools to use it. Kids can experiment the problems of running a business while learning the principles. I defined it a game but I see it's a training method suitable for any person who works on a public or private. StartUp gives the opportunity to understand the mechanisms that generate the income and expenses of an activity.
Preside Istituto Ceccato
Ho visto i ragazzi assolutamente entusiasti. StartUp è stato un'occasione di confronto e sana competizione. La mia aspirazione è che tutte le lezioni siano così. Vi ringrazio per l’esperienza che è stata interessante per gli studenti ma anche per noi docenti, che abbiamo ridefinito lo stile delle lezioni in aula.
Two classes of fourth Institute of Higher Learning Silvio Ceccato Montecchio Maggiore played StartUp as a training tool to simulate the experience of creating a company.

How StartUp born

How did the game StartUp!

Our team created the game StartUp to spread the entrepreneurship culture. Create it has required considerable efforts to make it suitable to its educational purpose. Loris Zoppelletto created the algorithm of the game, providing a gaming experience fun and educational; Davide Colonello oversaw the strategy of the game and part of the design; Ivan Mocchio oversaw the design of the financial part of the game; Lorenzo Giacomini oversaw the revision and control of the game as a whole

StartUp invited to the Fair of Il Sole 24 Ore

Startup team was invited by the Fair IlSole24Ore for Startup Enhancing to reward three startup of greatest value among the 200 participants in the competition. Each of the three was rewarded with a board game and a book GeniUp which are part of the educational system fortraining and enhancement for enterprises GeniUp!

Articolo su Il Sole 24 Ore

Articolo su Il Sole 24 Ore

StartUp at LIUC University (Varese - Italy)

Proff.ssa Coloru - LIUC University
In LIUC we are focused to make our students engaged as fast as possible the world of work. We wanted to use the game to make students experience what it means to be entrepreneurs.
Prof. Serati - LIUC
The guys were focused and kidnapped and is the first positive sign of the experience. The game mixes properly sense of responsibility and ability to dare, that is the right mix to start a company. The many opportunities for alliances between entrepreneurs seems like a good way to see the market. Not only competition but also make the system.

Article on Millionaire Game StartUp

Millionaire magazine published in its issue of September 2013 a 4-page article on the game and on the system StartUp and book Geniup. Within the article was published a test to check one person's predisposition to become one startuppers.