“The body care, health and nutrition is something that takes up a huge amount of attention in the human being.

Although medicine has reached excellent levels in curing acute diseases, efforts are now heading to treat chronic conditions (lasting longer than 3 months).

One of the most promising fields in this direction is the nutritional medicine.

It is a great bet for the future and an exciting opportunity to create value and wellbeing. ”


Loris Zoppelletto

Interview during an event for Nutritional Medicine


Meetab - Metabolomic Siupplements

Meetab S.r.l. is a successful startup, which originated from the need to create supplements best suited to the application of science Metabolomics, the branch of medicine that deduces the state of the metabolism of a body based on the analysis of metabolites (the by-products of chemical reactions in the body that are found in minute quantities in the urine and blood). Meetab LOGO_Small

The right informations on health and nutrition

Loris worked with Dr. Tsoukalas in the drafting and publication of his book. In this book Dr. Tsoukalas that exposes the basic principles of Nutritional Medicine. Friendship with Dr. Tsoukalas started when he has recovered his son from an acute form of food intolerance. Following the striking success, supported by innumerable other practical tests of this approach, Loris took as its aim to spread knowledge of this innovative medical approach to any category of person. Given its experience in the field of publications, he assured he was written like the first practical manual of nutritional medicine, that any person can use to understand the correct way of life that will live long in efficiency and health.

Nutritional Medicine Control Experiment

To verify the effectiveness of supplements, Meetab and EINu.M. 30 gather 30 volunteers for an experiment. Each of them has completed a series of preliminary tests and received test indicators of general health by a team made up of biologists, personal trainer and nutrition experts. Based on the results, it was recommended the correct integration to improve the condition of the body, without changing diet and physical activity. At the conclusion of the survey have been obvious improvements in terms of health indicators, reflexes, balance, and physical parameters such as fat mass and lean mass.

In cooperation with E.I.Nu.M

  • No changes in exercise

  • No dramatic changes on diet

  • Test to check Health Level

  • Presonalized Supplements

Online Course for Nutritional Medicine

The Nutritional Medicine Course is the easiest way to have professionals to learn the rudiments of Nutritional Medicine.

The course provides the skills to know which supplements to use, how to identify the main nutrition deficiency in a body and describes the protocol of intervention of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine.

Doctors, Biologists, Nutritionists, Personal Trainer and several other operators in the health and well-being, uses knowledge of this course to help their customers improve their condition and to obtain the greatest benefit from the treatments.

It uses eDooCo® e-learning method to give materials in the right sequence.

Its the first school of Nutritional Medicine in Europe totally online. Created thanks to the experience of doctors who used Metabolomics at the clinical level for 10 years, the course of Metabolomic Academy was created following the study and analysis of more than 11,000 actual cases treated with Metabolomics and new methodologies Nutritional Medicine to achieve a higher level of health. Metabolomic Academy is a highly interactive course that encourages the participant to think in terms of Nutritional Medicine and apply in practice what it learned.

The course is designed to support different types of professionals in helping their clients improve health conditions, speed healing in case of illness or injury and increase athletic performance. The course is useful for: - Doctors - Nutritionists - Professionals in health - Therapists - Personal Trainers - People interested in learning Nutritional

The course uses the Protocol of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine Nutritional Medicine (EINu.M.)

Available in Italian and English