Project GeniUp Mission

The goal of Geniup project is to prosper entrepreneurship by encouraging and helping the starting and development of many businesses in all sectors and of all sizes.

The ideal scene that the project Geniup aims is that of a world in which people thrive thanks to their business, thanks to the free exchange of products and services, in which can flourish the ideas that give benefit to the human being, to groups, nations and local communities and international.

A reality in which the companies cooperate to attain the objective of protecting and improving the condition of society, the planet and all living things in terms of: welfare, progress, spreading knowledge and improving communication.

The vision of the project is to kick off a new renaissance of the society based on the development of innovative ideas.

Read an extract of the book GeniUp

Book GeniUp! Create your business in 5 moves

Is still possibile open a business?

Can your idea become a business?

Do you know how to achieve prosperity?

Do you know the mistakes to avoid in managing a business?

Do you think you need the brightest idea of the century to start a business?

GeniUp! is the operating manual for your startup combined with GeniUp Project GeniUp Project

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How works GeniUp Project

Video formativi

A series of engaging video lessons will guide you as fast and smooth to learn the basic data to launch or re-launch your business.

Based on what you already know, you will be guided to complete the overview of knowledge on entrepreneurship.

Acquire the skills needed to evaluate a business idea, organize a team, bring order in the legal part, properly promote your product or service.

Increases the chances of success of your business.

It 'like having a teacher with you 24/7

There is nothing more smoothly and faster than an e-learning system to learn new information.

Thanks to eDooCo®, your learning will take place as smoothly as possible and you can check your understanding without waiting for a teacher gives you an answer.

At any time of the day or night can go on with your study and learn more and more information to launch your idea in the market.

Let the Cheklists guide you

Go straight to the DOING part through the checklist Geniup, the revolutionary system to implement the model startup.

You'll start to get organized and to grow on your own, guided by precise lists of actions to perform.

Simply scroll the checklist on your computer or tablet. You'll know the actions to do in the correct order to give your business idea the best chance of success.

Get help from those we already passed

You can get direct contact with other startuppers or consultants to be guided in the practical application of every aspect of your business.

La comunità di startupper è ricca di talenti e non c'è modo migliore di cercare partner adatti a creare la tua squadra.

Become partner of GeniUp Project

We are always looking for good people and new ideas.

Submit your project to the team of Geniup and submit your business plan.

GeniUp Project take in consideration innovative projects with great purposes and room for developments.

You could be our next partners business.

"GeniUp: let the startup flourish developing innovative ideas"