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Let the people understand the principles of economics

Begun as a personal research on how finance and economy works, the trading has become then a passion for Loris. Since 2003 he’s a private trader with several financial instruments. Starting from stocks passing through the index futures, has finally landed in the currency market because of the specific characteristics that allow an adequate risk control in different situations and because in this market there are multiple independent graphics that can be exploited to always find a suitable favorable trend.

Thanks to his training in math and physics, has brought into this world his viewppoint, managing to simplify the topic and make it available to everyone when he created, along with his partner David Colonello, a training school which has culminated in what is now Professione Forex, a complete system of practical teaching leading traders of any level to become profitable in a short time.

Trading Online Expo - Italian Stock Exchange

Lecture at Trading Online Expo 2013

At the TOL (Online Trading Expo), the intervention of Loris Zoppelletto on Tobin Tax at the Palace of the Italian Stock Exchange. On that same day he gave two speeches at the lecture hall along with Lucas Bruni, trader and his assistant coach and right arm in Profession and Forex Trading Library at the stand, talking about money management and trading strategies for 2013.

Italian Stock Exchange - Loris lecture on Long Term strategies

  • Long Term Strategies

  • Trading Psicology

  • Advanced Money Management - first learning on finance & Forex

Loris interviewed by Katia Melzi - University of Pavia

On the occasion of the Italian Trading Forum, Loris Zoppelletto was interviewed by Katia Melzi, University of Pavia, to describe the new training service on Forex trading Profession, at that time just left.

Funny video on Finance

Funny spot explaining the dangers of finance and trading

Trader Fai da Te?

Spot playful - Trader do it yourself ?!

Trader do it yourself ?! The spot that we made in an afternoon in which joked about the blunders that make traders ... we had so much fun that we have published.

Il Trader Principiante

Il Trader Medio

Loris Zoppelletto's trading books

Forex Trader
+ Info

Forex Trader

The basic book for those who want to understand the forex and all its aspects. Starts explaining the basic words on the subject and get to expose 6 trading precise techniques. It also contains a series of funny stories that the author uses to explain usually what happens to the novice trader. Inside are the credentials to access a video course dedicated to buyers of the book.
Forex Freedom
+ Info

Forex Freedom

For those who have little time to devote to trading. Explain in detail one technique of long-term in all its aspects and details. Allows access to video courses reserved to buyers of the book, and includes numerous examples.
Disavventure di un Trader
+ Info

Disavventure di un Trader

The stories of the character invented to explain the classic mistakes of a trader named "Simplicio", have been collected in this small volume. Contains no trading techniques but it shows the basics of trading psychology in a fun and flowing.
Forex News Trader
+ Info

Forex News Trader

The book, co-written with Lucas Bruni, trader Lugano state in detail a strategy that allows you to trade in the vicinity of news events, taking advantage of the volatility generated at that time.

Finance online courses

Training System "Professione Forex"

Video describing the Premium. A service created to train people to become a profitable trader. Born as a startup in the educational field, the system now has 14 employees and 250 members attending the seminars several times a week.

Training sistem "Professione Opzioni"

Extending the interests of many traders to more markets, the startup that created Profession Forex has developed Professione Opzioni With the trader Alessandro De Angelis. The team has developed a training system for anyone who wants to learn about this interesting financial instrument for trading and capital protection.

Video Divertenti sulla finanza

Spot simpatici creati per informare le persone dei pericoli del trading

Intervento in Borsa Italiana sulle strategie di trading di lungo termine

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Trading Online Expo