Who is Loris Zoppelletto

Loris is a very curious person who believes that the ability of everyone to learn, can indefinitely expand. Although specialized in technology and science, with a degree in electronic engineering, he strongly believes in the power of the people who can confront different fields at the same time.

Extract from a conference held in public in 2001: "there’s a very interesting word used in this time. It’s the word 'Multidisciplinary'. In a sense it is the opposite of 'specialization'. If you specialize in electronics, you'll be an expert in electronic equipment. If you specialize in music, you will be an expert of instruments and sounds. But if you can master both, you may be the one who invents a new way of making music or a new way to record it or ransmit it or produce it. Think about it: the things that have influenced our lives in recent decades, comes from the ability to deal with two or more different field. It 'a very creative world! "

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